We are a Brand Strategy agency



We are always excited to take on new journey with our clients and along the way discover who they are and what drives them to design a better business. We thrive to enhance brands by innovative business growth… 

Together we will define your brand, set some goals and examine your user needs to increase value. Once we evaluate what is missing we will develop a strategic brand placement which will open direct pathways to your ideal client in an unforgettable way.



The purpose for the assessment, is for us to better understand your desired business goals. We will assess your current profile, generated results and whether this meets or exceeds your expectations.  After an extensive audit, we will provide you with Kassel Design’s detailed analysis on how to create the most effective marketing strategy, increased brand awareness, customer engagement, resulting in a heightened customer experience and ROI.



Now that we better understand your brand and company culture, we will devise a plan to re-position your identity and what differentiates you from the competition. The goal is to identify who your customer is, and what products and services they most need and will respond to. Understanding this is vital, as it allows your brand to communicate effectively with your customers, essentially “speaking the same language”. Our work is not complete until we have provided you with a focused and prioritized plan and marketing strategy.



We are ready to execute! Your new plan is activated in a comprehensive customized marketing strategy, outlining specific audiences, demographics, visual branding across all consumer-facing channels, and digital campaigns.



We will provide you with a monthly report detailing website analytics, measured results in executables and a digital platform summary (social media campaigns). Additionally, you will receive quarterly summaries so you (client) can determine whether Kassel Design is fulfilling our proposed targets. This is a critical element in our relationship to ensure that everybody is aligned at all times and that we remain accountable to the specific plan created. We realize that ‘success’ is a bi-lateral term; you win- we win.

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