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Welcome to Dustin Ruge

Dustin Ruge is an award winning sales and marketing guru with over 20 + years of successful sales, marketing, and management experience. Dustin’s experience in sales, marketing, and business strategy ranges from technology startups to Fortune 500 companies where he received numerous awards and recognition for his work.

His best-selling books include THE SUCCESSFUL SALES MANAGER and THE TOP 20%: Why 80% of small businesses fail at sales and marketing and how you can succeed. In addition to books, Dustin is the author of many articles and professional resources.

Kassel Design did a great job! When my agent told me I needed a new website for my work, I provided Joshua with links to the website of many of the top writers and speakers in my industry. His response was “I can make you site that is superior to those” and he was right. If you need a website that conveys a superior brand online, Josh can certainly deliver and I will highly recommend him to others.



Welcome to My Home Group

My Home Group focuses on quality of service and excellent performance with each and every client. This making My Home Group a Rapidly Growing Real Estate Company in Arizona. My Home Group is on the cutting edge of technology. Providing effective tools for each agent’s success as well as streamlining each transaction allowing agent’s to focus more on their clients and their business. The end result… Amazing results and outstanding customer service every time!




Welcome to The Social Television Network (STNTV)

They are modern digital television for the social media age. Currently operating in the largest media markets in the United States, STNTV provides local video television programming and advertising services from coast to coast.

They combined the power of local video news production along with internet, social media, and mobile technologies to gain targeted reach and audience. As a result, They are now able to broadcast and advertise content in ways that the traditional broadcasting companies and local advertisers can only dream of.

It was a pleasure working with Josh Kassel on the creation of Josh was on point when it came to overall design and functionality and was quick to respond to any necessary updates and changes during the creation process. I would highly recommend Josh for any web design services

Eric Sperling | Managing Director




First Wellness has a great desire to build an agency that fits the needs of the customers they serve.

Their agents has the ability to assist you with all insurance products, including federal, state, and locally subsidized health programs. With their superior processing and customer service, they provide the resources and support without being handcuffed to a single insurance carrier, or to the availability of your one agent.

First Wellness Group



First Arizona Title’s residential real estate division has been rated in the TOP 3 for the State of Arizona by The Business Journal in 2013 and consistently in top 20 since 2002. The reason for our success is found in our staff. Our highly experienced Escrow Officers are carefully chosen to ensure that only those with the highest level of integrity, work ethic, and passion will be part of our team.

Josh is a go-to vendor partner in my business for a reason. He has repeatedly blown me away with his creativity and vision inside of developing an idea or brand. He is responsive, communicative and understanding in a world where most are not that way. Thank your for our beautiful new website and keeping us relevant in the marketplace! You are AWESOME!

Allie Flath | Business Development Manager




A new valley production company is using humor and cinematic flare to shake things up for Arizona businesses. Check out Clydesdale Manhattan and get ready to have some fun.



Their mission is to be recognized regionally as a premier insurance agency. We strive to make it easy for our clients to do business with us. We are committed to continuous improvement of product knowledge and exceptional customer service. It is our goal to establish long lasting relationships. We will pursue a client relationship that includes integrity, honesty, professionalism, friendship and mutual confidence.


Auto • Home • Life •Commercial • Specialty



Stephen Patton’s eclectic life experiences have included: a Personal Development Coach, a Yoga Teacher, a Professional Development Facilitator for high school teachers and administrators,earning National Board Certification as a High School Teacher,Coaching in the 1994 Rose Bowl with the Wisconsin Badgers and being a highly successful high school football coach. Integrated, these unique experiences have allowed Stephen to become highly skillful in generating effectiveness in the lives of clients.


Personal Coaching • Executive Coaching • Team Building • Leadership Retreats • Workshops for Teachers and Administrators • Leadership Development for Athletic Coaches • Confidence Coaching… For Adults… Students … Athletes



In the health insurance industry, there is strength in numbers. We work directly with the largest and most reputable carriers in the nation. We are able to provide the most competitive pricing due to the fact that the health insurance industry is heavily regulated by your state and other federal agencies. No other company has the ability to offer you a lower health insurance quote than us.



Arizona Pool Fence has been offering the highest quality in removable mesh fencing for over 18 years in greater Phoenix. Our Promise to Our Clients – Arizona Pool Fence guarantees the highest standard of quality and service to our clients. Our trained staff with over 12,000 fences installed in Maricopa County will be more than happy to answer any of your questions regarding any aspect of your new custom fence.

Anton Yoga logo

Anton Mackey is a local yoga instructor in the heart of  Scottsdale and Phoenix.  “I believe Yoga is a transformational practice that encourages us to look inward to create a deeper connection to our soul, leading to a more healthy and happy life.  I love to read about different mystical traditions, religions, and spiritual practices as well as deepen my understanding of the energetic and anatomical body.  My personal spiritual practice is an ever expanding understanding of myself and my place in this amazing universe.”

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