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eworksOverview Kassel Design works with all sizes of companies, non-profit organizations, advertising agencies and individuals who want a partner to make their online presence unique and visually appealing. By combining the latest in web technology and an in-depth analysis of goals to be achieved, Joshua Kassel can design, create and deploy web sites that fit your needs.

Is to build a strong online presence through organic coding. It is essential to have a good designer/developer on your team. I have several years in SEO knowledge which will help increase  your ranking with the top search engines. I can also assist you in instant results of marketing through search engine advertisement such as Pay-Per Click ads.

Websites are most effective when they present timely and relevant content – real information. Content is extremely important when it comes to being seen and being heard.

I strive to be an industry leader, that’s why I am always continuing to learn new techniques while staying up to date with new software and changes in our market place. With the increasing social networks like Facebook and Twitter, Kassel Design has the ability to bring your website to life, attract more awareness and traffic, plus promote your product or services.

Let my passion make your dreams a reality!

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