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Kassel Design & Dustin Ruge


Kassel Design & Dustin Ruge

Dustin Ruge is an award winning sales and marketing guru with over 20 + years of successful sales, marketing, and management experience. Dustin’s experience in sales, marketing, and business strategy ranges from technology startups to Fortune 500 companies where he received numerous awards and recognition for his work.

His best-selling books include THE SUCCESSFUL SALES MANAGER and THE TOP 20%: Why 80% of small businesses fail at sales and marketing and how you can succeed. In addition to books, Dustin is the author of many articles and professional resources.

Kassel Design did a great job! When my agent told me I needed a new website for my work, I provided Joshua with links to the website of many of the top writers and speakers in my industry. His response was “I can make you site that is superior to those” and he was right. If you need a website that conveys a superior brand online, Josh can certainly deliver and I will highly recommend him to others.


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