Why Wanda C. Phillips developed Easy Grammar & Daily Grams:

At the same time, Phillips was introduced to the prepositional approach.  "I didn't invent it," she admits, "but I did perceive how much this process would help students."  The process is one of learning a list of prepositions, understanding prepositional phrases, and then deleting them from a sentence.  "By deleting prepositional phrases from a sentence, students can quickly find subject and verb and much more... thus simplifying their language," Phillips states.

Wanda Phillips used the prepositional approach and combined it with various strategies for effective teaching.  She also added review both on a daily basis (Daily Grams) and cumulatively at the end of each unit (included in Easy Grammar texts). "My students began to like English because it made sense, and their scores improved remarkably," Wanda shares.  The Easy Grammar teaching texts and Daily Grams review texts were written because she wanted to share this very simple but effective method with others.  "I realized that students throughout the nation could benefit by using this approach," Phillips notes.  "I began writing my program into texts because of the need to help children learn to speak and to write properly. This was the basis for text development, and it continues to be my mission."

Wanda C. Phillips, a native Pennsylvanian, earned a B.S. degree in Secondary Education from Shippensburg University in 1969, elementary certification from Grand Canyon College in Arizona, and a Master's Degree in educational leadership from Northern Arizona University in 1992.  In 2007, Wanda earned a doctorate from George Fox, a Christian University in Newburg, Oregon.

During Mrs. Phillips's teaching career, she developed a successful, innovative approach to grammar instruction. Her first textbook, Easy Grammar, was published in 1985. Since then, she has written an Easy Grammar series, a Daily Grams: Guided Review Aiding Mastery Skills series, and a writing text, Easy Writing.

Traveling extensively, Wanda has presented seminars to classroom teachers in Christian and private schools. In addition, she has spoken to special area teachers—English as a Second Language, learning disabilities, and adult basic education. Mrs. Phillips has provided seminars for Association of Christian Schools International conferences in Texas, Florida, Oregon, North Carolina, Georgia, Minnesota, Alabama, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Massachusetts, South Carolina, California, Indiana, Hawaii, and Washington, D.C. Wanda has also presented home education workshops throughout the country.

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